Paws for a Coffee

Join our campaign today!

Join our campaign to support Retired Service Animals by donating the price of just one coffee each month

Welcome to The NFRSA Paws for a Coffee campaign, which is all about turning a simple daily indulgence into an act of generosity.

For just £3 a month (the price of a coffee), you can make a significant difference to the lives of these retired service animals. By sacrificing a single cup of coffee, you’ll be contributing to their well-being, helping cover the costs of their veterinary and medical needs.

Together, we can ensure that these incredible animals receive the care and appreciation they truly deserve.

Please join us in making a tangible impact on their lives by setting up a monthly donation today. Your support means the world to us and to our retired service animals.

The NFRSA is dedicated to supporting our four-legged heroes who have selflessly served their communities. Retired service animals have given their all to protect and assist, and it’s our mission to ensure they enjoy a comfortable, happy, and above all healthy retirement.

We believe that these loyal companions deserve the best care and love after their years of service, which is why we’ve launched our latest campaign, ‘Paws for a Coffee.’

Please sign up today, it literally is the price of just one cup of coffee!

Thank you, on behalf of all of those that can’t speak for themselves.


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