Protecting our Protectors in their Retirement

Protecting our Protectors in their Retirement


We are the National Foundation for Retired Service Animals

The National Foundation for Retired Service Animals is a registered charity set up to promote the care, well-being, and welfare of retired service animals from across the emergency service family, namely that of the police, fire, border force, and prison services.

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Retired Police Dogs

There are around 2,500 police dogs that work across all the police forces within the UK.

Police dogs are trained in a number of roles and disciplines including General Purpose, Specialist Search Dogs, as well as Firearms Dogs.

Retired Fire Dogs

Fire Investigation Search Dogs (FISD) have been operational within the UK for over two decades. Today there are around 18 operational dogs across the UK, many of which work alongside Fire & Rescue Services.

Retired Prison Dogs

Prison Dogs play a vital part in the physical security of a prison. There are varying specialist roles such as General Purpose, Drug and Explosive Detection Dogs, and Tornado Dogs.

Retired Police Horses

Police horses work on average between 5-6 days per week with 1-2 rest days, where possible receiving field rest. The week will comprise of a mixture of training, patrols, rural work and community engagement, as well as larger public events.

Border Force Dogs

Border Force Detector Dogs are a specialist canine resource working to help keep the UK safe, by detecting illicit goods from entering the UK.

“I am delighted the National Foundation for Retired Service Animals (NFRSA) has been established to help support our brave service animals when they reach their well-earned retirement.

Working together with the police, prison, fire and border force services, other charities and partners, the NFRSA is as committed as I am to ensuring these canine and equine heroes enjoy their autumn years.”

Chief Constable Pippa Mills, National Police Chiefs Council Lead for Police Dogs


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