Meet our Beneficiaries

RPD Kenny


The NFRSA’S First Gift.

We were honoured to announce our first gift – and it completely reinforced to us all just why we are here. Sadly, not every story has a happy ending, and RPD Kenny succumbed to a lung tumour.  But this big old ‘Moose’ will always have a special place in our hearts as our first beneficiary, as well as in the hearts of his handlers, colleagues, and his wonderful family.


UK Border Force

Rolo joined the Border Force Heathrow Dog unit as a Cash/Class A Drugs detector dog.

Unfortunately, his short career at Border Force came to an end due to severe epilepsy, and he was medically retired in November 2020 and rehomed in January 2021. We don’t have a limit on age or length of a dogs career – Rolo served, and that’s good enough for us and we’ve been helping Rolo with his ongoing medications.

RPD Keela


Our First Major Appeal.

Retired Police Dog Keela served in the Kent Constabulary for over 9 years as General Purpose and Firearms Support Dog.

Keela suffered a stomach torsion, which in German Shepherds is life-threatening and the vets bill was originally over £6,000. The NFRSA secured a reduction and covered the entire account.



Retired Prison Dog Jay became a prison dog at the age of 15 months.

Jay retired from the Prison Service in March 2021, and later suffered a severe ear infection which required significant surgical intervention and treatment.

The bill was over £1,045, and we were able to reimburse the full amount to his owner.


UK Border Force

Border Force Detector Dog Chewie had to retire due to arthritis.

The NFRSA has been helping his family with the bills to make him comfortable & happy, by making contributions towards his veterinary bills, his acupuncture, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy. 

RPD Corrie

Police Dog Scotland

RPD Corrie

The NFRSA helped this truly gorgeous retired police dog fron Police Dogs Scotland not only when she suffered a nasty ear hemotoma, but also a few months later, with a suspected stomach torsion. Accumulative vets bill came to over £3,500. 

PH Bowron – ‘Little Dave’

City of London Police

We were absolutely delighted when we announced our first gift to a retired police horse.

PH Bowron, affectionately known as ’Little Dave’, served with City of London Police until his retirement. In late 2022, Dave was discovered to have some teeth that needed to be removed, we were delighted to be able to step in and cover those equine veterinary fees.

RPD Bear

South Yorkshire Constabulary

RPD Bear served with South Yorkshire Police Dog Section for 18 months, as fully licensed General Purpose Dog. 

RPD Bear suffered from an ear hematoma which resulted in a few visits to the vet. We were so pleased to be there for his wonderful family.


RDD Ruby

UK Border Force

Border Force Detector Dog Ruby is now retired and enjoying her twilight years.

The NFRSA has been privileged to help Ruby and her family on two occasions with ongoing vets bills and treatment. This gentle soul deserves the very best, and we’re delighted to be able to support her. 

RPD Elsa

Durham Constabulary

RPD Elsa from Durham Constabulary is a retired general purpose dog, living her best life with her new family.

Elsa fell seriously ill with a serious stomach torsion, requiring several operations to save her life. It was an honour to work with her devoted family, and support them through a terrifying ordeal. Elsa is still in recovery, but thankfully improves slowly. 

RPD Blaze

His Majesty’s Prison and Probationary Service

Retired Prison Dog worked as an Active Search Dog at HMP Woodhill & HMP Berwyn.

Blaze retired a little earlier due to arthritis in his elbow joints, and just recently he developed some serious stomach problems, and was rushed to the vets. We were incredibly happy to support his family with his medical bills during this worrying time. He is now fully recovered!

RDD Flynn

UK Border Force

RDD Flynn served with the UK Border Force until his retirement.  

Very sadly, Flynn had suffered from a series of strokes, and it was decided he was ready for his next adventure. Sleep well Flynn, it was a privilege to be there for your family. 


RPD Dougie

Civil Nuclear Constabulary, & Northumbria Constabulary

RPD Dougie served with the Civil Nuclear Constabulary, as well as Northumbria Constabulary until his retirement, as an explosives/ammunitions dog. 

Dougie was found to have a mass on his leg, which had to be removed, and even at his age, he was a complete trooper an is now fully recovered. We were delighted to assist with his vets fees for his treatment. 

RPD Rory

His Majesty’s Prison and Probationary Service

RPD Rory served until his retirement as a General Purpose Prison Dog at HMP Lowdham Grange.

The NFRSA helped this truly gorgeous boy with medications for hip dysplasia and spondylosis of the spine. Stay well handsome Rory – we’ll always be there for you!

RPD Medea

Police Dogs Scotland

RPD Medea served with Police Dogs Scotland until her retirement due to ill health.

RPD Medea had a complicated & severe illness, due to underlying conditions, and the vets worked tirelessly to get her better. We’re delighted she is now recovering, and we were so pleased to be able to support her family with her medical bills.

RPD Charlie

Northamptonshire & West Midlands Constabulary

RPD Charlie served with both the Northamptonshire Constabulary, and West Midlands Constabulary until his retirement.

Charlie fell desperately ill and was rushed to the vets. Tragically, he had come to the end of his journey, but we were honoured to be there to support his grieving family with his final vets bill, and to contribute to his cremation. RIP Charlie.



Ministry of Defence Police

RPD Rex served in the Ministry of Defence Police until his retirement due to spondylosis. 

Rex was seriously unwell recently, and we were delighted to be there for him when some blood tests and a full consultation were required. Rex is now happily fully recovered! 

RPD Heidi

Police Dogs Scotland

RPD Heidi from Police Dogs Scotland served with her handler until her retirement as a Specialist Search Dog.

Heidi was unwell for some time, we helped with blood tests earlier in 2023. Very sadly, Heidi did not improve and it was decided she had suffered enough and we were there again for her final vets bills. RIP dear Heidi.  

RPD Taylor

Gwent Constabulary

RPD Taylor from Gwent Constabulary served until his retirement as a General Purpose Police Dog.

RPD Taylor was found to be suffering from a fractured tooth and lump in his jaw. As we feel dental health is incredibly important, we were delighted to assist with his medical bills to help put things right.

RPD Chief

Police Dogs Scotland

RPD Chief served with Police Dog Scotland until his retirement, as a General Purpose companion to his handler.

This lovely boy was rushed to the emergency vets, where he sadly passed away. We supported his family with is final vets bill and contributed to his cremation. RIP Chief and thank you.



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